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All-rounder topical wound treatment

Our honey-based wound gel

Ideal for cuts, scrapes, burns as well as non-healing wounds and ulcers. This wound gel features medical grade Fynbos honey to deeply hydrate, prevent bacterial growth, and provide an optimal environment for fast healing.

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  • Contains medical grade Fynbos honey.
  • Gentle and ideal for sensitive patients.
  • Applicable for all types of wounds.
  • Protection against bacterial proliferation.
  • Stimulates wound healing.

Clinically tested

Inhibits bacterial growth

Locally made

Optimal wound healing


  • Fynbos Honey
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E

How to use

Step 1

Clean wound of dirt, bacteria, and visible particles using soap and water.

Step 2

Apply a layer of HoneyGel, either, directly onto wound, or onto a gauze dressing (ProcovaPT) and then apply onto wound.

Step 3

Protect wound from external influences like dirt and bacteria to enable undisturbed healing. Cover wound with secondary bandages.

Step 4

Reapply if the HoneyGel has been absorbed - every one to three days. Repeat regularly until healing is completed.

Frequently used with


"A few days before Christmas 2020 I had a tumble off my mountain bike and sustained three deep cuts on the inside of my left wrist. After the ride I had my wrist cleaned up and immediately applied Melcura HoneyGel. I repeated application of the gel 2 or 3 times a day for the next few days. Before New Years Day, the cuts had completely sealed and now I'm only left with light marks from the incident. I will certainly be keeping tubes of Melcura in my handbag and car going forward. What an incredible product."

Letshego Zulu

Co-founder of PopUpGym | Athlete | Health and fitness columnist | Motivational speaker | Adventurer

"Born with Congenital Hip Dysplasia and 14 operations later I am adamant to make people aware of the health benefits of eating the right foods and making use of the right products, especially when it comes to your skin!

Being active in- and outside the kitchen, and spending a lot of time on my feet I forever have blisters and bumps, burn wounds when the oven and I didn’t agree on something, and then that odd cut on the finger when you tried to chop the herbs to quickly! And then Melcura Gel and Balm came along, forever in my handbag and always close by incase there’s a little something that needs immediate soothing and a bit of TLC."

Izelle Hoffman

Lifestyle chef

"I have spent a lot of time trying to find a cream or a treatment to see if there was a chance to repair wounds and to heal broken skin. Little did I know that I would be the one needing it the most over December. I seemed to have attracted the strangest breakout on my lower back and elbows. It felt like a thousand mosquito’s had decided to land on this particular spot and of course I was merciless in my scratch back attack. Unfortunately for me it meant open wounds. Thankfully just as December started, the team told me about the benefits of using Melcura. It's been a saving grace and I can see a visible difference. Besides the healing power, it seems to also stop me from that pesky need to scratch. As a parent, it has been with me in my handbag every day. I carry it and use it as religiously as my hand sanitiser and I think going forward, it will be the most popular item in my medical kit. If you are looking for a product that can assist in the repair and healing of broken skin, this Melcura HoneyGel should be the product to get."

Sureshnie Rider

Radio presenter | 5fm News reader | DJ | MC | Voice over artist

"I have also found that it speeds up healing immensely which is really helpful in getting back to your best in no time :)

Melcura is most definitely a must in every home… for happy and healthy healing"

Izelle Hoffman

Lifestyle chef

"In Summer we keep Melcura HoneyGel in every room as it is the perfect remedy for horrid Mozzie bites. It stops the itch and soothes the area. The Melcura Balm Skin and Wound Healing is also a staple in our First Aid kit. Both products always go on holiday with us and are shared amongst all the moms whenever there is an injury!"

Hayley Watters

Actress | Director of Actorvate Productions

"My son scraped his knee from a fall, and I applied the Melcura to his knee. He seemed not to worry about it too much, until later that night when it was bath time. He didn’t want to bath because he knew the water would sting it. I applied a little more of the Melcura onto it and after lots of coaxing, he put his knee in the bath. To see his little worried eyes soften and look at me like I was some magical Superhero, was amazing. “Mommy, you were right! It doesn’t hurt in the water!”

It’s definitely something I want in my handbag, my first aid kit and even one in the car, in case."

Bailey Schneider

Radio presenter | Emcee | Voice over artist | Blogger | Vlogger | Social media manager

"I was fortunate to try Melcura and I’m sold!

Luckily, we didn’t need to use it on anything too serious, but it’s comforting to know we have it, in case we have something serious like a burn."

Bailey Schneider

Radio presenter | Emcee | Voice over artist | Blogger | Vlogger | Social media manager

Always consult with your medical practitioner